A Millennial Mom’s Bout with Bipolar Disorder

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Amanda came to us feeling anxious and manic. Her first virtual appointment with Journey Psyche Amanda had to cancel because she overslept twice. Finally, at our initial session She shared that she was taking Prozac 20 mg per day, but it was not helping her condition. In fact, it was making her feel more anxious and hyperactive. She had also tried Wellbutrin in the past, but it resulted in sweating, insomnia, and agitation. Her depression was worsening despite the medication, and she had a history of mood swings for many years. Additionally, she had a history of alcohol abuse during her teenage years.
After taking a detailed medical history, we suspected that Amanda might be suffering from Manic Depressive / Bipolar Disorder. There was a family history of severe mood swings in both her father and paternal grandmother. The grandmother had been hospitalized for an unknown reason and the family didn’t want to talk about it as they found it shameful.

We discontinued Prozac as it seemed to be worsening her mood swings. Instead, we started her on Seroquel 100 mg at bedtime along with weekly psychotherapy sessions. Within two weeks, she started showing significant improvement. Her thinking was clearer, she was more productive, and had more energy. Within six weeks of the treatment, Amanda was feeling terrific.
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